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Roxanne Wilde

DT8 Project 2002-2003

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Dimestars 1999-2001
DT8 Project 2002-2003
The Visitor 2003-2005
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Crash 29th November 2003
FabricLive 15th July 2005
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Roxanne recorded 5 tracks with Darren Tate as part of his DT8 project. The only song released was Destination, originally as a 12" promo in October 2002 then remixed and issued on CD & 12" vinyl in May 2003. The song peaked at No.23 in     it's first week and stayed in the UK Charts for a total of three  weeks.

The accompanying video was shot on location in Spain and features Roxanne riding a Harley Davidson (with the little help from a stunt double!!).

Roxanne has not work with Darren since and it is unlikely that the remaining songs will ever be heard.

Click here to listen to Destination

1. Radio Edit 2. Jurgen Vries Mix 3. Orginal Mix 4. BK Vocal Mix 5. (Jurgen Vries Mix) Video