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Roxanne Wilde

Dimestars 1999-2001

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Dimestars 1999-2001
DT8 Project 2002-2003
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Crash 29th November 2003
FabricLive 15th July 2005
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Dimestars are fronted by Roxanne Wilde (Singer. 21. Tomboy. Party Girl). Roxanne was introduced to Morgan by a mutual friend three years ago. Morgan Quaintance (Twiddles with six strings. 21. Music boffin. Lives in a pigsty). Together they studied the pop form and decided to find the best music producers they could before approaching any record companies. This is no half-arsed, years-spent-in-a-hole-with-a-four-track recorder, oh no. They recruited Tom Hanna (Just the four strings. 22. Skateboaring king. Often in casualty) and Joe Holweger (Drummer. 25. Surf freak. Night owl) and started recording demos. Everthing clicked. They got that feeling....

Tom, Roxanne, Joe and Morgan

Dimestars have songs with more hooks than a cloakroom. The music, as you'll hear is a perfect pop balance - great harmonies matched with starchy guitar riffs. Fresh, yet classic. "We like that new wave edge so much," says Tom. "Which is why we include Echo Beach in our live set and on our album."

The Dimestars album, Living For The Weekend is made up of 12 tracks written and co-written by Dimestars. "I like to think that people will relate to our songs and lyrics," says Roxanne. "I used to listen to the lyrics of songs and think, that's exactly what's going on in my life, or interpret it that way. We want to appeal to our age group. It's all about being young and having a laugh."

"The difference between us and other bands?" rounds up Morgan - "Any of the things other bands do we do bigger, better and louder. We're a pop band in the classic sense of the word, but it's all down to attitude."

DSUK7 Polydor Records

Solo So Long 04.02 I've Had Enough 04.30
My Superstar 03.24 Star Too Far 04.16
I Don't Mind 03.54 Weekend 03.32
Traffic 04.25 Play 02.28 In My Skin 04.15
Enemy #1 04.13 Echo Beach 03.41
Wonderlust 04.06

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